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The Team


Chris and Zach were enjoying some brews at Paddy's Irish Public House in Fayetteville, NC after a match one night joking about how everything is tactical this, operator that. One of them said, "I operate this f***ing bar stool pretty damn good!" and BSO was born.

We are a collective of highly trained, like minded individuals with a passion for firearms training, competition shooting and good beer. We come from a variety of backgrounds in the military from Active Duty Infantry in the 82nd to Special Forces. We have a retired Force Recon Marine. Retired medic who spent time in 2nd Ranger Battalion and the 82nd as Infantry and some industry geniuses working various companies.

We live off hard training and good times. We push each other to the limits and beyond.

There are 3 NRA certified instructors in our group as well. Training is done privately right now.

We also provide equipment testing. We can conduct, MFF/AFF, Static-Line Airborne and dive testing as well as stress (extreme conditions and hard use) testing. E-mail to request a quote.

The Team
BSO Actual: Zach Stafford
BSO 5: Brandon Miedema
BSO 7: Ryan Wallen
BSO 9 (Grey Bush Actual): Cecil Stringer
BSO 69: Kevin Johnson
BSO 4: Chris Sandoval
BSO L1: Peter Korch
BSO E1: Dell Harvey
BSO 73: Adam Pini
BSO 13: Mark Endy
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